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PeopleSoft App Store February 6, 2012

Posted by Duncan in Look and Feel.

It’s been a long time coming, but the PeopleSoft App Store is finally ready to see the light of day.

The intention is for users to be able to browse a central repository for PeopleSoft apps. There’s plenty of precedent for this type of site with the Android Marketplace or Apple AppStore on mobile platforms, and the Salesforce AppExchange or SAPs App Store (which was even longer coming than this site!). Top blogger Jiju has spoken about this also, although the concept is broadly similar his ideas are very different.

I’ve put a few small-ish ‘apps’ live already, and the intention is to add many more apps and improve the site as time goes on (I’m aping the Facebook “Done is better than perfect” philosophy).

Have a look and let me know what you think.



1. Jiju Vengal - February 13, 2012

Perfect! Awesome to see the idea take shape! Hope it turns out to be a wonderful platform for innovation and superior usability of PS. Congratulations.


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