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Stress/Performance Testing PeopleSoft November 12, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

A colleague from my company has just landed a role testing the performance of PeopleSoft at a client.  The client wanted to use free software and settled on ‘The Grinder‘ by Philip Aston (who I believe works for Oracle).  Other open-source online performance testing tools are Apache’s JMeter and OpenSTA.)

I was really interested as I’d not done anything similar before, and the use of Open Source software was also a plus as I’d only heard of LoadRunner in this domain before (anything that makes PeopleSoft cheaper for clients is a good thing).


After a bit of experimenting we discovered that The Grinder is an nifty piece of software.  It uses a central console as the controller and one or more agents, one per machine.  The agents run worker threads that execute scripts (written in the jython scripting language).

It also contains TCPProxy, which you can use to record scripts (saving you from writing the jython from scratch).

Setting up SSL was a little fiddlier, involving messing around with keystores etc, but was nothing too challenging.

There’s not much info on the Internet concerning using The Grinder with PeopleSoft (there isn’t much for OpenSTA either, and only Brent’s post for JMeter).

Anyone wanting to know more can either get in touch, or check out the following resources:

The Grinder website user guide.

The Grinder usergroup archives.



1. Rahul - December 29, 2009


Excellent posting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

2. Maciej Zaleski - April 14, 2011

I haven’t realised that Grinder can be used in similar way as JMeter. I always thought that you have to ask your dev team to instrument the deployment before the Grindercan work.

Looks like there is another tool to explore 🙂

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