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Real or Fake? July 16, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleSoft.

Every site will have at least one environment with Demo data in it, and many developers will have a favourite PeopleSoft Demo data employee, one they know the Emplid for better than their own.

Some pick the first in the list, so that’ll be Rebekah Jones or Kimberly Adams.  It’s often wise not to pick the top ones as they’re also likely to be chosen by others – and it’s good to find an employee that others don’t mess with.

These names will be instantly familiar to most long-time PeopleSoft (HR) developers:

Darlene Bergsten,

Leo Puddephat,

Paul Acosta,

Beatrice Test,

and my personal favourite: Ginger Buckalew.

I’ve often wondered – and perhaps a PeopleSoft alumni can help with this – were these ever real people?  Or did someone fake up a load of demo data one day?



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2. Marty Allred - August 26, 2009

I can’t answer your question, but if you ever need any fake data there’s a really cool site to get that sort of thing from:


You can get all sorts of usable test data in a number of formats and it’s cheap.

*disclaimer- my son owns the site, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. He doesn’t give me any kind of kickback or anything either.

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