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Moving PeopleSoft Config between Environments April 12, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Administration, Data Mover, PeopleSoft.

During PeopleSoft implementations it’s a fairly common task to need to move Configuration (i.e. setup data) between environments. Larger implementations may even have a separate Config environment which serves as the master for config data, and from where you’d need to migrate out config into other environments on a regular basis.

There are a number of tools you could use to achieve this, be it data mover, raw SQL or even an SQR or App Engine. All of these would need to be custom written. An alternative solution is to use the Manage Configuration Set functionality. It’s a delivered component (at least on more recent versions of the Application) that lets you choose the modules you wish to export config for, and it builds the DMS files (Data Mover Scripts) for you.

Navigating to the Component

In HR and Financials (8.9) the navigation is Enterprise Components > Manage Implementations > Manage Configuration Set, the component is EOLT_CONFIG_OPT_GBL.

The Manage Implementations Folder is hidden from portal navigation by default (at least it is in HR) so you won’t be able to see it. Either go straight to the component using a (modified) version of this URL:


or go to PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content, drill down into Enterprise Components and edit Manage Implementations to not hide it from portal navigation (checkbox on first page).

Generating the Data Mover Scripts

Once you are in the Component, select the areas of PeopleSoft you wish to export. Run the process, then choose to Generate the Data Mover Scripts (from Manage Setup Tasks).

Like most things, the final files are often not perfect – so they’ll need some tweaking – but they do provide a fine start. We’ve found that often actual data tables – rather than just config tables – are included so if you aren’t careful you may find extra data is replaced in the target environment that you didn’t expect, but a run through of the script before running (and a backup) should resolve any issues.



1. say it! - August 3, 2007

How does this work if you are migrating configs to an environment which has transactions associated with old configs?

Thank you!

2. PeopleSoft Tipster - August 6, 2007

I’ve not got a copy of a DMS created by the Manage Configuration Set functionality to hand so I can’t say for sure, but I’d guess it would overwrite existing config. You could always edit the scripts by hand to ignore duplicates etc though, if that was what you wanted.

In a project environment, you may well have a ‘master config’ environment which you take your config data from, and this should contain a complete set of the config you need. If you have old transactional data that you are keeping, you’ll want to keep your old config in there too.

3. Ron Del Sesto - August 30, 2007

Note – This DMS Script generation function has been relocated by PeopleSoft, as of Tools 8.46, to “PeopleTools, Setup Manager, Manage Implementation Projects”
Please reference PS Case 4599647, which I filed yesterday 8/29/07.
I’m on 8.9 HRMS Tools 8.46, 8.9 FSCM Tools 8.47.
This function still seems to work under Manage Config Set, but not as smoothly – but will probably be removed from that location in the future.
Note on Setup Manager – to gain full functionality, you need to have the following Roles in your profile — PTLT_IMPLEMENTER, PTLT_INTERNAL_APPS, PTLT_PROJECT_MGR.

4. larry - December 23, 2008

I am not able to run Manage Configuration Set correctly. Is there any PDF related to it?

– larry

5. christine - March 12, 2009

Hey, my IT mgr said today “To be honest, I would be hard pressed to argue that a DMS is better than a copy & paste”. Where can I find something documented to get some help???

6. Jim - November 30, 2010

Even though this is an old post, I thought I will leave my comments here for future reference.

We use a Change Management and Version Control application called as CAPI, which delivers a functionality to migrate the changes/adds/deletes to the PeopleSoft functional configuration data. There are some cool inbuilt security feature in this process which comes really handy. I suggest you to check out their website for more information http://www.mcamdois.com/CAPIVersionControlBR.html

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