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Get up and running with the Tuxedo Administration Console April 2, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Administration, Infrastructure, PeopleSoft, PS Admin, Tuxedo.

I think I’ve stumbled across a better way of remotely administering servers than using remote control software and PSADMIN. There’s a tool called the ‘Tuxedo Administration Console’ (or sometimes ‘WebGUI’) which does the job also.

It looks like this:

Tuxedo Admin Console

Once you’ve done a little bit of config (no more than 15 minutes, and it’s just config, there’s nothing additional to install) you just point the web browser on your client PC to a URL and it loads up the above screen.

You drop down the Domain menu to choose which App Server or Process Scheduler to administer, then use it to start and stop the domain, or you can do individual processes if you prefer. (For example, on my current client site we have a developer who frequently hangs the domain by using all of the PSAPPSERV processes during debugging. Using this tool, we could change the Max App Servers setting and then boot a couple of extra App Servers, all in a few clicks and without rebooting the domain.)

These are the steps I took to get the Admin Console running (substitute your own machine names and ports where appropriate):

  1. for each app server and process scheduler you wish to administer, edit the *.ubx file under either the app serv or proc sched directories. Go to the PS_ENVFILE section and add:
  2. locate the webgui.ini file under <tuxedo install directory>\udataobj\webgui\ and in the second section add a line for each domain you wish to administer (i.e. a line for each app server or process scheduler). There are instructions in file, but the line will look something like this.
  3. Start the Tuxedo Web Server and Listener
    cd /d d:\bea\tux*
    tuxwsvr -l //vm-hr9dmo:8080 -i D:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\tuxwsvr.ini
  4. From your client log on to ‘http://vm-hr9dmo:8080/webguitop.html&#8217;. The username and password will be that chosen when Tuxedo was installed (likely admin/password)
  5. chose the domain you wish to admin from the drop down domain menu, then you can drill down and activate/inactivate (webgui terminology for start-up/shut-down) whatever you wish.

Hope that helps. If you have any issues, I found the tuxedo website more useful than Peoplebooks or customer connection, however your mileage may vary. Also, the tuxedo helpfile is here:

This post was edited on 7th Nov ’07 to include corrections on the port number, as suggested by David Kurtz in his comment below.



1. Rajesh Kohli - June 24, 2007


Great Post!! I understand most of it but the 3rd step where it says Start the Tuxedo Web Server and Listner, I am a little confused with that one. Please explain.

2. PeopleSoft Tipster - June 26, 2007

Sure …

the tuxwsvr is a mini web server that you use to serve up the Web GUI. The -l tells it what to listen on for new connections, and the -i tells it where to load config parameters from.

The wlisten is the other half of the setup, and listens for commands issued by users of the Web GUI.

If you have a look around for the processes that should help, as will the tuxedo help file given in the article and a quick google should fill in any gaps.

3. David Kurtz - July 4, 2007

You should not use port 4003 for the web server because is also used by default by the wlisten process to communicate with the applet (look at the NADDR setting in %TUXDIR%\udataobj\webgui\webgui.ini). You are likely to get the following error:

tuxwsvr -l //myhost:4003 -i d:\ps\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\tuxwsvr.ini
wlisten -i d:\ps\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\webgui\webgui.ini
WEBGUI_CAT:16583: ERROR: Could not establish listening endpoint //myhost:4003

I would recommend that you use port 80 on Windows, and another port higher that 2048 on Unix (because otherwise you would need to run the web server with root privilege).

In Tuxedo 8.1, if you edit configuration parameters with the administrative applet you will directly update the compiled domain configuration file PSTUXCFG. When you reconfigure the domain with ‘psadmin’ you will lose those changes. If you want to retain those changes you have to remember to make them to the configuration file yourself.

Alternatively you can decompile PSTUXCFG with the Tuxedo ‘tmunloadcf’ utility to a text file to see what has been changed. It is useful to have a decompiled version before any changes are made via the applet, so you can see what has changed.

4. Saravanan - July 6, 2007

I m Sarvanan.
In the following URL I could ablr to undestand that hr89dmo is the instance name.
But what is that vm-
Can you explain this?

5. PeopleSoft Tipster - July 6, 2007

The whole of the first section is the hostname of the server. So the server – in this case a Virtual Machine – is called ‘vm-hr9dmo’. The port it’s listening on is 4003 (which if you read David Kurtz’s post above may not have been a good idea) and the page you’re requesting is ‘webguitop.html’.

6. PS Admin - November 6, 2007

I get the following error when I started the tuxwsvr.

WEBGUI_CAT:16505: ERROR: Could not establish listening endpoint mydomain.com:4003INFO: Terminating tuxwsvr process.

I could start the wlistener.

7. PS Admin - November 6, 2007

This is the command I used:( Linux)
tuxwsvr -l mydomain.com:4003 -i $TUXDIR/udataobj/tuxwsvr.ini -L $PS_HOME/appsvr/hrdmo/LOGS

8. David - November 6, 2007

I have listed the values belows of my ini files, commands and URL. I get the first web page but the second errors out. Can anyone help?

# Web GUI initialization file.
# Created by BEA software installation program.
# In order to configure one or more domains as part of the Web GUI pull-down
# menu, add lines to this file of the form DOMAIN=domainname;tuxconfig

# tuxwsvr initialization file.
# Created by BEA software installation program.
CGI /cgi-bin C:/bea/Tuxedo8.1/udataobj/webgui/cgi-bin
HTML /java C:/bea/Tuxedo8.1/udataobj/webgui/java
HTML /doc C:/bea/Tuxedo8.1/help
HTML / C:/bea/Tuxedo8.1/udataobj/webgui

Dos Commands
tuxwsvr -l //PSWEB1:89 -i %TUXDIR%\udataobj\tuxwsvr.ini -L c:\psoft\HCSP1\PT848\appserv\HCSP1\LOGS\LOGS


From Browser : http://psweb1:89/webguitop.html

When I click the button that reads “Click Here to Run the BEA Tuxedo …”

I get the window titled “Cannot find server – Microsoft Internet Explorer” and the URL changes to “http://host/CGI-BIN/tuxadm?TUXDIR=TUXDIRVALUE”

9. PeopleSoft Tipster - November 7, 2007

PSADMIN, if you have a look at the comment David Kurtz posted he pointed out that I had a port conflict. I’ve amended the original post to use port 8080 instead of 4003. As David pointed out, this should resolve the ‘Could not establish listening endpoint’ error.

10. PeopleSoft Tipster - November 7, 2007

DAVID, Check the DOMAIN line in your ini file. Yours reads:
DOMAIN=HCSP1;C:/PSOFT/HCSP1/PT848/appserv/HCSP1, while mine reads:

Append the filename for the PSTUXCFG file and let us know how you get on.

11. PS - November 15, 2007

Will this also work if appserver is on unix and webserver / Tuxedo is on windows
What would be domainname in step 2 if it is on unix

12. PeopleSoft Tipster - November 16, 2007

This isn’t something I’ve ever tried, and I’m not in a position to test this now but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The domain name would be the same as App Server domains are named in a similar way regardless of whether they reside on Windows or Unix.

13. William - November 27, 2007


I am trying to configure “bea tuxedo admin console”. i manage to get the initial console screen using the url: http://wdqakcwx1a9.cmpa.org:9090/webguitop.html
When i click on the button – “click here to administer BEA tuxedo admin console” i get an error:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
The url of the page that errors out is:
i am using the following commands to start the web server and listener:
tuxwsvr -l //WDQAKCWX1A9.cmpa.org:9090 -i C:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\tuxwsvr.ini
wlisten -i C:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\webgui\webgui.ini

i am enclosing the supporting config files:

# tuxwsvr initialization file.
# Created Mar 20, 2006 9:18:29 AM by BEA software installation program.
CGI /cgi-bin c:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\webgui\cgi-bin
HTML /java c:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\webgui\java
HTML /doc c:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\help
HTML / c:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\udataobj\webgui

# Web GUI initialization file.
# Created Mar 20, 2006 9:18:29 AM by BEA software installation program.
# In order to configure one or more domains as part of the Web GUI pull-down
# menu, add lines to this file of the form DOMAIN=domainname;tuxconfig

PATH={$PS_HOME}\bin\server\winx86;{$Process Scheduler\DBBIN};{$Tuxedo Settings\Add to PATH};{$PS_HOME}\verity\{VERITY_OS}\{VERITY_PLATFORM}\bin



14. moufid - November 28, 2007

Hi Davies,
Thanks for the tip!
Now my problem is trying to find the added value of this tool lol.
-Words of a newbie-

15. John - December 12, 2007

wlisten issue:
I am getting the following in my ULOG file. Anyone have a clue as to how to resolve this? I have it working on another UNIX server, I just cannot get it to run on this one.
082951.dcr-pshr-tmp1-1!wlisten.598212.1.-2: WEBGUI_CAT:3102: INFO: wlisten starting
082951.dcr-pshr-tmp1-1!wlisten.598212.1.-2: WEBGUI_CAT:3108: WARN: Network device does not exist

dasy - April 10, 2013

How do you solve this problem? WEBGUI_CAT:3108: WARN: Network device does not exist. Help me!!!

16. John - December 13, 2007

Update: The wlisten messages do not seem to be relevant. What happens is when I click on the “Click here to run the Tuxedo Admin Console link it just brins up a blank page and does it rather quickly. It is not firing off tuxadm. Any thoughts?

17. Karthigeyan - January 2, 2008

Where is that we create a user id and password for tuxedo. My tuxedo was successful but was never asked the userid and password. Now that i try to go for the psadmin GUI, i m being asked userid and password. Because of this i m not able to proceed. Please help

18. PeopleSoft Tipster - January 2, 2008

The password is entered during installation of Tuxedo. By default I think it’s system/password.

19. Muthukumar - January 3, 2008

Or – use tpsysadm/password or tpsysoper/password

BTW, I get this error during activation of pub/sub handler group:
-10:CMDTUX_CAT:1711: ERROR: Could not boot any servers

Any idea?
I was able to activate the same using PSADMIN utility and was able to deactivate using PSADMIN as well as WEBGUI.

Any insight – would be of immense help.

20. Karthigeyan - January 3, 2008

During the installation was only asked the tlisten password which I gave. But userid/password for Tuxedo as such was never asked. Can you please guide me through.

21. Muthukumar - January 3, 2008

From your post :

“Where is that we create a user id and password for tuxedo. My tuxedo was successful but was never asked the userid and password. — Now that i try to go for the psadmin GUI, i m being asked userid and password—. Because of this i m not able to proceed. Please help

We we referring to PSADMIN gui userid/password which you had mentioned that the utility was asking to supply.

Tipster: Can you pls provide your thoughts on :


22. PeopleSoft Tipster - January 3, 2008

sorry, I haven’t encountered the 1711 error before. Assuming you’ve checked the obvious (that it’s not down to being already booted, or the ports aren’t in use by some other process that wasn’t started when you booted them through other means) I don’t know. Try one of the message boards (it-toolbox or peoplesoft-fans), you’ll reach a lot more people that way and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

23. Narasing - February 6, 2008

I completed all the steps. Started tuxwsvr & wlisten with port 8080. I have supplied the id/pwd = tpsysadm/password and the page hangs and GUI is not being launched at this stage.
When I kill the process, I get a window pop up that says ” connection failed”..
I do not see anything in the logs directory as well.
Any helpi sgreatly appreaciated.

24. Fathah - March 16, 2008

I able to start Tuxedo Admin console, but all the buttons except settings and help are disable, there is no domian tree at the left panel. What all I have to do to add one domain.

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