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Oracle Survey Results December 3, 2007

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I’m off to the UK Oracle User Group tomorrow, but here’s a quick survey conducted on UKOUG attendees in the meantime:


Apparently “Customers’ opinion of Oracle’s licensing has hit a new low in the UK while the company’s Fusion plans remain a mystery to half of its users”.

The good news is that satisfaction with PeopleSoft is still very high (up to 75%).

Larry gives some Fusion answers November 15, 2007

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From Oracle Open World 2007:

It seems as though the first applications out of the Fusion stable are all going to be CRM related. According to Larry’s keynote, the first three will be sales prospector, sales references and sales tools.

Possibly of more interest was that we’ve had a glimpse of an answer to the ‘what database platforms will Fusion support’ question. It turns out that it’s going to vary for each application. Larry spoke about Financials and said that it’s going to be Oracle, plus DB2 (providing IBM build in some features that Oracle are requesting). There was no word on the other modules.

The best exchange was possibly this one though:

“We will have a Fusion version for every application,” Ellison stated. “So you’re moving off these brands (PeopleSoft, Siebel etc)?” he was asked, LArry responded “No, well yes – by 2025.”

Article here:

Is all well with Fusion? November 14, 2007

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There are rumours of hold-ups and delays within the Fusion camp.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the ‘Head of Fusion’ John Wookey left amidst talk of a fall-out with Larry Ellison.  Apparently “Oracle was trying to woo him back, though the circumstances around Wookey’s departure have not been confirmed.

Now it appears that there is some backtracking – or at least redefining phrases from earlier statements – to allow for delays in the release.  Seeing as we are only a couple of months away from the New Year, surely a release date a little more precise than between Jan 1st and Dec 31st 2008 should be possible?

It’s not as if we expect the full suite of Apps on that date.  I would anticipate something more akin to the PeopleSoft Version 9.0 release, where a smallish module (was it ELM?) came out first with much fanfare about ‘Oracle meeting schedules to release PeopleSoft v9.0’, and then the main modules (HR, Financials etc) drip-fed out months later.

Oracle’s Project X – What does it mean for a PeopleSoft user? April 18, 2007

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What is Project X?

There’s been a bit of talk today about Oracle’s Project X. It’s been bubbling around for a while, but now it has been officially announced as ‘Oracle Application Integration Architecture’ and – to paraphrase – it’s a method of joining together disparate ERP systems.

By purchasing Process Integration Packs (PIPs) clients will be able to connect systems – initially I’d imagine it would be PeopleSoft, Oracle e-Biz, Siebel and JDE, but other systems will no doubt be added in the fullness of time. This is, of course, a high visibility use of the much heralded SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) – one of the buzzwords you can’t avoid hearing in any Fusion discussion. I guess this is Oracle responding to customers saying ‘enough with the SOA/BPEL/XMLP tub-thumping, show me how it improves my business’.

What does it mean for PeopleSoft people?

Whenever Oracle come out with a big announcement, the first question for me is always ‘what does this mean for the PeopleSoft world’? After all, straight after the takeover Oracle announced that we’d all be forced to migrate to Fusion. Then we were going to be temporarily supported on our current ERPs before migrating. Next came Applications Unlimited, meaning we could hold fire a bit longer. Now, Oracle release a technology enabling us to not migrate to Fusion at all, but stay put and let the different ERPs communicate.

A cynic might wonder if they were having problems with Fusion. Or perhaps it’s all going swimmingly but they’re hearing that clients quite like their current systems and don’t want to move? Or are they just after the extra revenue stream PIP sales would bring before Fusion comes along?