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Home Working on the Increase September 7, 2015

Posted by Duncan in TW.

I noted with interest a job posting earlier today. It has all the usual requirements (PeopleSoft, ERP, infrastructure, project management skills etc), but what jumped out at me was the phrase:

This is a 100% home based/remote working position. You will never be required to visit an office.

Although home-working is definitely on the increase – many clients now allow people to work remotely some of the time – this is the first that I’ve seen that is guaranteed, 100% remote.

A sign of things to come?

If you’re curious, this is the job.



1. Michael Nitschke - September 13, 2015

Over the past five years I’ve gone from zero days working from home, to one, to now two days from home. And I just spent the last three weeks working from home due to a broken foot.

I can concentrate better at home. My workflow is better at home. Hell, even my keyboard and monitor are better at home. The view is definitely better. And most importantly it’s quieter at home. As a result my work output is definitely, without a doubt, better from home. There is a window from about 09:30 = 14:00 where it’s pure, uninterrupted concentration before lunch.

Working in a cubicle farm is not conducive to a good programming environment. Coffee breaks, ad hoc questions, meetings that go on around you, someone’s birthday cake; all constant interruptions you can’t politely ignore. You can never get enough quiet time to spool up the turbos and get into a real programming state-of-mind. Ever.

An environment that is conducive to a good programming environment is not dissimilar to an exam room.

It’s good to see it’s changing. Developers working in a quiet, uninterrupted environment is win-win for everyone. I’m surprised it is taking decades to actually happen.

This is on my cubicle wall at work: http://i.imgur.com/3uyRWGJ.jpg

2. John Eckersley - September 28, 2015

This is true for other kinds of work too (not just coding).

I have spent so many hours trying to concentrate whilst sitting near or next to people who have swallowed a loud hailer, insist upon spraying themselves and the world with pungent and noxious chemicals; and trying to negotiate labyrinthine security systems and car parks which seemed to have been designed to prevent anyone getting any work done.

I don’t miss cubicle farms either.

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