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Faster Download of PeopleSoft Images April 15, 2015

Posted by Duncan in SelectiveAdoption, TW.

With the advent of Selective Adoption, many more people will be downloading the huge PeopleSoft Images every 10 weeks or so. They’re large (circa 35GB) and that’s going to take a while even with a decent connection.

What makes matters worse is that the default method (clicking the Download All button) runs the downloads in serial. Even on a 1MB/sec connection that’s going to take ~10 hours to download all 35GB.

Download All

In addition, the download seems to be throttled somewhat, I’m not sure why. The speed reported in the above window varied wildly between 100KB/s and 500KB/s. Even at the top end of that range, only downloading one at a time it’s going to take almost 24 hours for the complete set.

An alternative is to run the downloads in parallel. Instead of clicking Download All, click WGET Options and download the script instead. After a little modification so that it ran on Windows I was able to run 4 copies of the script side-by-side, giving gains not only by downloading in parallel, but the downloads ran faster too:

Download All parallel wget

You can click for a bigger version, but basically the screenshot is of four downloads with a combined download speed of over 4MB/s! All downloads completed in a touch over 2 hours (and this is on a home broadband connection).




1. Nicolas Gasparotto - April 15, 2015

The “Download All” is nothing but terrible. I used it once and abandonned. It prompts for the installation of something I don’t want, the third party download manager “Akamai”. I did a go…
It was killing and overloaded all my network ports (1070 opened ports!!!). This software is constantly running in the background, sending/receiving packets to/from internet just in case you need it… Nothing worse, from my point of view it’s like a troyan. See “Netsession” here http://www.akamai.com/html/solutions/client_faq.html – something to avoid on enterprise class client.
I’m still wondering how it’s possible a large company like Oracle cannot find something better.

By the way, the wget option is the nicest one so far, however I thought it was available for Linux client only (avalaible for quite sometime now).
Thanks for pointing out it’s also there for Windows.

Hey, with my 100Mb/s home internet connection, I can download up to 6 files at a time, all together it’s about 1.5 hour or so, including the antivirus scanning on the fly (and my computer is far from the fatest one).


2. Richard - April 15, 2015

Or … move to a country / ISP that has decent internet infrastructure. 😉 We pulled down the HCM PUM12 zips at 3.5MB/s (we are in Australia) so I could actually saturate our connection following your approach!

3. Iouri "Yury" Chadour - April 22, 2015

Hi Duncan,

This is really nice! What did you do to make this work on Windows ?
Can you post a sample script ?

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