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Cedar’s Oracle Cloud and PeopleSoft Day March 1, 2015

Posted by Duncan in Cedar, TW.

Cedar held it’s annual Oracle Cloud and PeopleSoft Day in London on Friday, with almost a hundred people in attendance (about 80 customers, plus staff from Oracle and Cedar).

It was a great success, with a really positive vibe – customers are looking to do great things with both PeopleSoft and Oracle’s Cloud suite – and a privilege to be part of.

Here are some photos from the day:

Graham welcomes everyone
2015-02-27 10.05.59


Marc Weintraub gave a great keynote (from his office at 2:30am!)
Marc Weintraub - Keynote


Liz and I discuss the practical applications of the PeopleSoft RoadmapLiz and Duncan - PeopleSoft Roadmap and Cloud


Mike takes us through the upcoming Oracle Cloud Release 10 features
2015-02-27 12.26.53


Jo talks about ‘Taleo for PeopleSoft People’
Jo and Duncan - Taleo for PeopleSoft People


 Simon handles the prize draw2015-02-27 15.48.56

So, a fun event with lots of knowledge sharing. My absolute favourite part is being able to connect customers who can help each other though. I lost count of the number of times we were able to say “oh, you’re doing <some project> are you? In that case, let me introduce you to <another client> as they’ve just finished doing that very thing” and then being able to leave them to share their experiences.

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