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The Year 2014 in Review January 31, 2015

Posted by Duncan in meta, TW.

Once each year completes I try to do a run down of which posts have garnered the most attention during the last 12 months, both on this blog and on the PeopleSoft Weekly newsletter. Here are the most viewed stories from 2014.

PeopleSoft Weekly Newsletter

During 2014 the subscriber base grew from 602 to 914 (a net increase of just over 300), and this was despite being asked to remove over 50 subscribers when I left my previous employer. The open rate (i.e. the amount of people that view each email) continues to cover around the 45-50% mark – against an industry average of 17%.

There were nearly 800 links in the newsletters over the year. Here are the 30 that received the most clicks:

  1. Tools to increase productivity for PeopleSoft Developers and Users (124 unique visits)
  2. PeopleSoft 9.3 – A Clarification (120)
  3. How to know Record/Field names without opening Application Designer (120)
  4. PeopleSoft 8.53/9.2 Prototyping Tool (118)
  5. This is why you never end up hiring good developers (115)
  6. Compiling PeopleCode (108)
  7. It’s official, there is no PeopleSoft 9.3 (104)
  8. I’m Jim Marion and this is how I work (104)
  9. An Introduction to PeopleTools 8.54 (part 1) (101)
  10. PeopleTools 8.54 Sandbox (99)
  11. An Introduction to PeopleTools 8.54 (part 2) (93)
  12. How to Effectively Write PeopleSoft Queries (91)
  13. 17 Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Message (91)
  14. The PeopleSoft Roadshow 2014 – What’s coming next for PeopleSoft? (90)
  15. Oracle bests Rimini Street in latest lawsuit ruling (90)
  16. Google releases set of beautiful, freely usable icons (89)
  17. 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings (87)
  18. Disabling the back button in PeopleSoft (87)
  19. PeopleSoft Process Flow basics (86)
  20. 23 Evergreen Developer Skills to Keep you Employed Forever (85)
  21. I’m Simon Wilson and this is how I work (83)
  22. PeopleCode Coding Discipline (83)
  23. PeopleSoft Application Designer themeing (82)
  24. Make a Field Required using PeopleCode (82)
  25. I’m Anton de Weger and this is how I work (81)
  26. Unlimited Session Timeout (79)
  27. Upgrading PeopleTools with Zero Downtime (78)
  28. Creating a Launch Pad Experience with the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (77)
  29. California payroll: Another failure waiting to happen? (76)
  30. PeopleCode Record Snapshot (75)

One of the most pleasing things about the above list is that there is a wide variety of blogs from many different bloggers and companies featured, which shows that the PeopleSoft eco-system is as active as ever. It is a good thing that too many of the less serious ‘and one more thing’ links didn’t manage to get into the top 30! I’m also rather pleased that all 3 of the 2014 ‘how i work’ posts made the top 30 … it goes to show that people are as important as software.

PeopleSoft Tipster Blog

In 2014 this blog had 144,203 views, coming from 80,833 visitors. The most visited posts are all above so I won’t repost another list, but to give you an idea of numbers the top one (about PeopleSoft 9.3) got more than 5,000 views in the year and the PeopleSoft Roadshow one more than 3,000.

Most of the visitors came from the US (79,200 views or 63%) followed by India (16%), Canada (6%) and the UK (5%).

I’m keen to do a few more ‘How I Work’ posts. If there’s someone that merits inclusion that hasn’t appeared so far please let me know. (My email is in the Get In Contact pane in the top right.)



1. Iouri "Yury" Chadour - February 1, 2015

Thank you Duncan – very interesting !

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