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Error unzipping PeopleSoft Images October 4, 2014

Posted by Duncan in TW.

The new PUM images are a boon for anyone wanting to get a PeopleSoft instance up and running quickly. Once you’ve downloaded the zip archives however, you might find that the delivered zip file doesn’t work by default for everyone.

The line:

unzip HCM-920-UPD-008_OVA_2of11.zip

gives me the following error:

'unzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I’m not sure where the unzip utility is supposed to be from, but it’s not delivered as part of Windows 8.1. I typically use the excellent 7zip utility for my zip/archiving needs, so I need to amend the script slightly.

I add the following line near the top:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\7-Zip\

so that I can reference the extraction tool with just the filename, then I change each archive line to use 7zip instead, thus:

7z e HCM-920-UPD-008_OVA_2of11.zip


1. Nicolas Gasparotto - October 6, 2014

Hi Duncan, it works fine on Windows 2012… probably a desktop/server class matter with defaulted installed programs.


2. William Reynolds - October 7, 2014

The unzip.exe we call in the .bat file is an unzip utility that’s available on the web. There is no standard zip decompression utility bundled with all Windows distros that we’re aware of so we had to pick one that was easy to get. There’s a note on it in our “Using the PeopleSoft VirtualBox Images…” doc about it.

“The ova_gen.bat script for Microsoft Windows requires the unzip.exe executable, which is not included in the downloaded files. To obtain the executable, go to http://www.info-zip.org/. After installing, verify that unzip.exe can be called from the command line.”

We’ve had discussions about including it with the downloads but as you can imagine anytime we want to include third party software in our distributions there’s quite a bit of paperwork involved.

William Reynolds
Senior Application Architect
Oracle Enterprise Architecture

Tipster - October 7, 2014

Thanks William. I’ve never come across Info-Zip before. That’s certainly easier than editing the script.

Matt - October 24, 2014

Unfortunately the FTP downloads from info-zip.org are no longer available. It seems this could be made to be a lot easier given that most users will run Virtual Box on Windows.

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