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PeopleTools 8.54 Sandbox July 14, 2014

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools 8.54, TW.

Following the announcement on Friday that Tools 8.54 was available, we dived straight in (whilst cursing under our breath that it was released at 6pm on Friday night on the weekend of the World Cup final!).

We download all of the media (which doesn’t take long on AWS – this is the 2.7GB tools 8.54.01 patch coming down in about a minute and a half):pt85401 download


At the time of GA you can’t perform an upgrade yet (that’s in the 8.54.02 patch) so our only option was a clean install.

Over the course of the weekend we managed to get a complete install running. The install was fairly painless, although there were a couple of times that we had to stop and think.

One example is during the install of WebLogic (now rebranded as Fusion Middleware):



You can see it reports both the OS and Java version as incorrect. The OS we used was Windows 2012R2, which is a certified platform. The Java version we used is Java 8 and it was expecting Java 7. It let us continue but during the installation of the PIA the Java version caused an issue and we had to remove v8 and put v7 on.

Fluid aside, this feels like a big release. There are lots of intriguing new items that we noticed during the install that we didn’t have time to investigate and we don’t recall from the RVP or Pre-Release notes.

We like the jazzy new sign-on page:

pt854 signon

We’ll post more when we’ve dug a little deeper …



1. Trudy - July 14, 2014

Looks very intriguing I look forward to seeing more..

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3. Nanda Kumar - July 16, 2014


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