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Generating a custom Org Chart in PeopleSoft July 8, 2014

Posted by Duncan in TW.

This week we have a second guest-post from Richard Yip. Richard is a PeopleSoft HCM & Payroll Technical Consultant at Santander Bank here in the UK. He is a long-term PeopleSoft techie and a regular at the UKOUG conferences.  I’m delighted to be able to give him a conduit through which to share some of his good work.

Richard’s previous post can be found here.

Custom Organisation Charts in PeopleSoft

In the PS_EMPLOYEES table, there is a custom field called SUPERVISOR_ID. This is used to connect the employee to the supervisor or line manager. This is similar to the REPORTS_TO field in PS_JOB.

I developed this after toying with the GOOGLE API Organisation Chart. Generating the boxes was straight forward enough, so the trick was to understand how to generate the connecting lines.

I also included some Javascript to make the images appear when the box is clicked and disappear when it is double-clicked. The images are from the PS_EMPL_PHOTO, so a data URI with Base64 encoding is used.

org_chartDefault Appearance

org chart picturesExpanded to show photos

Richard has kindly shared all the code required to get this working. See Generate a custom Organisation chart from ps_employees for the listings.



1. timothybaumgardner@me.com - July 9, 2014

Just a clarification to the first paragraph. In PeopleSoft EMPLOYEES.SUPERVISOR_ID is not a custom field. It is a delivered field. And there is a difference in the SUPERVISOR_ID and the REPORTS_TO fields. The REPORTS_TO field stores the position number that an employee reports into, and the SUPERVISOR_ID stores the Employee ID (the individual) that the employee reports to. Which field to use depends on the use of position management and only one should be populated for your employee record.

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