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What are you all looking for? January 23, 2014

Posted by Duncan in meta.

Every year all of the social media sites mail out “your top posts/tweets/pages/slideshares/whatever for the year” summaries. I expect that you’ve had some of these too.

I thought it’d be interesting to put mine in one place to see if there’s any correlation or trend in what you all find worth reading.

The PeopleSoft Weekly Newsletter

This is the free weekly email newsletter that we send out. More details here.

During 2013 we sent out 41 issues and the subscription count increased from 351 to 602, almost doubling. The ‘open rate’ hovers around the 50% mark, which is very good as the industry average is 16%. The click rate stats show that most people who open it find at least one article that they wish to read in full.

These are the Top 10 newsletter items for the year:

  1. Internet Explorer 10 Now Certified with PeopleSoft (Matthew Haavisto’s Tech Updates) – 462 reads
  2. PeopleSoft Launches 9.2 at Alliance Conference (John Webb on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog) – 343 reads
  3. PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (My Oracle Support) – 224 reads
  4. Application Engine and Set Processing vs. Row By Row (Derek Tomei on the IT Toolbox blog) – 165 reads
  5. Oracle Plans New Microsoft Windows Certifications with PeopleSoft (Matthew Haavisto’s Tech Updates) – 154 reads
  6. Oracle lands $100 million ERP project covering 34 colleges (Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service) – 151 reads
  7. Ex-Worker Created Havoc With Hacking, U.S. Says (New York Times) – 143 reads
  8. The Top 5 Uses for Connected Query (Derek Tomei on the IT Toolbox blog) – 143 reads
  9. Tips for Improving PeopleSoft Performance (Mustapha Atar on the Animato blog) – 140 reads
  10. Chrome Extension for PeopleSoft (Neil Yetman’s Get Level 0 blog) – 135 reads

#3 probably benefited from being featured more than once.

Content that was in the top 20 but just missed the top 10 included Hakan Biroglu’s Installing PeopleSoft 9.2 pre-build virtual machine, Chris Malek’s How to FULLSYNC tables between PeopleSoft databases, the Smart Panda’s Crystal Install on PeopleTools 8.53, Kovaion’s PeopleSoft Related Content, the PeopleSoft Wiki’s How to read a SQL Trace in PeopleSoft and Remote PSAdmin’s When PeopleSoft Cache goes Bad.

The top ‘and finally’ was the video of the Grizzly Bears trying to eat the GoPro camera. If you didn’t see it first time around do check it out as it’s an amazing 4 minutes, although probably not while you’re eating.

The Fusion Weekly Newsletter

The PeopleSoft Weekly has a sister-publication, the Fusion Weekly. More details here.

The most popular posts last year were:

  1. The 9 hottest trends in HR Technology (Josh Berson on Forbes)
  2. BT invests in Fusion HCM
  3. And suddenly .. Payroll matters again! (Holger Mueller)
  4. Fusion Apps Release 7 Now Available On eDelivery (Oliver Steinmeier on Fusion Apps Developer Relations)
  5. Test drove for the last 6 months Oracle Fusion Applications, they have achieved Incredible Things (Alex Antonatos)

PeopleSoft App Store

On the PeopleSoft App Store, the most popular (in terms of pageviews) page was Redirect on Signon followed by Custom Sign-on Page and the Helpdesk account unlock/generate password page.

PeopleSoft Tipster Blog

The WordPress summary says that “this blog was visited 110,000 times in 2013”, the busiest day bringing 609 visitors. Rather embarrassingly, it’s mostly my older posts that get the most views. I try to tell myself that older posts will have more incoming links, but it could just be that I’m losing my technical edge!


I can also be found on Twitter here. My most popular tweets in 2013 were:

  1. PeopleBooks for Tools 8.53 now online. I think we know what that means …. 
  2. The PeopleTools team have had 46,000 concurrent users running on a 1/4 rack of Exadata. Very impressive. #oow
  3. Yesterday’s PeopleSoft/Browsers doc has been updated with a short note on Firefox & Chrome
  4. Listening to Jeff Robbins at #ukoug_psoft. As entertaining and candid as ever. “Tools 8.54 is fully scoped and developers are almost done”
  5. Android phones account for 73% of worldwide market

Can anyone draw any conclusions from this?

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