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An update on the PeopleSoft Weekly September 24, 2012

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

I posted a short while ago about the launch of the PeopleSoft Weekly, our free PeopleSoft-related weekly news bulletin. For those that are interested, I thought I’d give a quick update on its progress.

We started with some ‘internal beta’ dry-runs and our first public issue was 8th August.  In those 6 weeks the subscriber base has grown to more than 150 people. From that list just under half is from North America, 28% from Europe, 11% from Asia and 3% from Australia (plus some unknowns from gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc).

Looking at the domains in the email addresses it’s about 75% end clients, with the remainder being partners or Oracle employees themselves.

The software we’re using tells us that the industry average ‘open rate’ for newsletters is 15.4%, however the PeopleSoft Weekly has maintained an open rate of between 60% and 65% which is a good sign as it means that most of you are interested enough in our industry to read the newsletter. The ‘click rate’ averages about 50% also (industry average of 2.6%) so over half of you find something worth reading further.

In the most recent newsletter I can see that the most popular story was Oracle’s paper on the Interaction Hub and PeopleTools, followed by Logica’s hackathon and the Google Spanner database. Previous newsletters show that the subjects of User Interface, Fusion and most technical posts get good click figures. Topics that aren’t so hot are Workday and mobile related.

If you have any feedback I’d be happy to receive it. Please feel free to subscribe and pass it on to any interested colleagues.

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