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PeopleSoft and IE9 redux August 9, 2012

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

I’ve blogged about an issue with PeopleSoft and Internet Explorer 9 before here, but in the latest version of Tools there’s a different – although probably related – problem.

Previously the issue was with IE9 adding a white margin to the top of the header (only on pages within the application, not on the homepage). This time the opposite has occurred, there is a negative margin applied to the header so it disappears off the top of the browser window:

This only happens in IE9, FireFox and Chrome are fine. I’ve only seen it occur in Tools 8.52.09, not earlier releases.

Looking at the code it appears that there’s an inline style applied:

Although the top margin for the pthdr2container div is set to zero in CSS, because this is an inline style it’s overriding it – and hence hiding part of the header. We need to stop this override happening, either by removing the code or by use of the CSS !important directive.

I suspect the issue is actually because of code inserted to prevent the ‘too much whitespace’ issue.

Coincidentally, the solution that Oracle support identified to fix the problem mentioned in my first post actually works for this one too, even though the description of the issue is for the ‘too much whitespace’ issue, not this one. Here’s the Oracle support post that shows the fix.

Looking at the HTML behind the page (in this case, Process Monitor), I can see the offending code:

I can’t see how this code is being inserted though.



1. windracer - August 9, 2012

Thanks for the tip! We just upgraded to Tools 8.52.09 over the weekend (from 8.50) and I hadn’t noticed this since I’ve been using IE10 on Win 8 CP. I guess none of my users noticed either, but this fixed it.

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