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Tools patches, zips and passwords July 21, 2012

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

As mentioned last week, the way we locate patches has changed. One thing that I didn’t notice at the time was that the method of getting PeopleTools patches has also changed.

Previously, we just FTP’ed them from ftp.peoplesoft.com/outgoing/ptools, and then unzipped them using the password from the note on Oracle Support.

I tried to do the same on Saturday as I was building a new testbed environment, downloaded the 1.2GB zip file and then went looking for the password. As the support site has now changed, I couldn’t find the password anywhere.

The procedure from now on will be to go to Oracle Support and search for your patch (the new interface for finding patches is actually quite quick, and as a bonus you can save your search so it’s even quicker next time). Then click the download button to download the patch from here.

No more FTP’ing.

The zip that you now have contains the actual patch archive, and a document containing the unzip password that you’ll need to extract it.




1. Jim Marion - July 22, 2012

I agree Duncan, the new search interface is quite quick. One thing I do miss though, is the update ID column. For example, when looking at the prerequisites for a package, you now see the bug ID, not the Update ID. PS_MAINTENANCE_LOG stores the Update ID. To see if you have the prerequisites installed, you have to now click each bug ID and open the README file to access the Update ID.

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