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Two changes to Oracle Support July 10, 2012

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

There are two upcoming changes to Oracle’s Support site:

Bye, bye Flash

As I suspect you’ve heard, the much maligned Flash Oracle Support site is being retired and replaced with an HTML equivalent. I don’t think many will be sorry to see it go, and to my mind having a site based on the proprietary Flash always sat poorly with Oracle’s stated preference for open technology elsewhere.

Support Gateway

What I didn’t realise until recently (thanks to an email to the PeopleSoft Fans Yahoo Group list by Pamela Lantzy of University at Albany) was that the PeopleSoft Updates & Fixes and Update Gateway will be merged into the Patch Search section that users of other products already use.

I don’t think this change will upset too many people, but with this Gateway being decommissioned it’ll also mean that Change Assistant loses the ability to connect to Support, upload what’s already applied, and then search for and download patches. After 13th July we’ll have to search and download patches manually, and then use Change Assistant just for the application of what you’ve downloaded. The functionality where you can search based on what you’ve already applied will not be replaced, so it’s a bit of a step backwards for us.

There’s a doc for this on the support website, including a video explaining how the new search will work.



1. Jim Marion - July 10, 2012

About the “step backward…” The RVP at https://supporthtml.oracle.com/epmos/faces/ui/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=1473194.1 doesn’t mention much about the PeopleSoft Update Manager, but that may prove to be a worthy replacement to the Change Assistant Update Gateway.

Tipster - July 10, 2012

A good point, and one I should probably have mentioned so thanks for pointing that out Jim. It does leave those that won’t move to Tools 8.53 anytime soon a little lacking though.

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