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UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference July 7, 2011

Posted by Duncan in UKOUG.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the PeopleSoft conference so this is about as late as I can leave it for writing a summary of events before I start to forget things.

First of all, go and check out Graham’s post.  Graham is the chairman of the Tech stream and he’s posted his take on the conference and the slide deck from his session on Query in Tools 8.5x.

So what did I learn?  Well aside from the items that Graham has already mentioned, my key take-aways from the sessions were these:

  • We should be using the Reporting Console more.  Steve Smith and his colleagues from Cambridge Uni have given it a thorough inspection and declared it a really useful piece of functionality (they also showed the customisations they made before putting it live).
  • Tools 8.52 brings a new search bar.  By allowing users to search for the employee they want first, and then choose the related action to perform on the data it should mean that there’s a lot less use of the menu for navigation.
  • Application Data Sets are going to make moving config/setup data around much easier

There was also some great discussion around the usage of some of the new pieces of functionality, particularly:

  • the Test Framework (PTF) – Areas where it is useful, and areas where it needs workarounds while we wait for improvements in the next version of Tools.  The biggest drawback currently is that it the data values that it inserts are static, whereas other Tools (JMeter, The Grinder) can take a spreadsheet or database as input.  It’s also not a performance testing tool.
  • the Forms/Workflow functionality – As a Succeed employee this is a little annoying as we’ve been selling a tool that fills the same gap that this is aimed at for a while.  To be truthful it’s too early a version of the product to see how it measures up though, maybe in Tools 8.52 we’ll see a little more.

I also presented a couple of sessions.  I’ve upload the first one “PeopleSoft and The Cloud” to Slideshare:

The second “Monitoring and Automating PeopleSoft with Open Source Tools” will follow shortly.



1. Dan Kibler - July 7, 2011


I was hoping for more details on your Amazon EC2 implementation. We are running PeopleSoft on EC2 for dev and test. I was wondering if you are doing anything differently. Details in the future?


2. Tipster - July 7, 2011

What sort of details would you like to know? I’ve posted on this in the past here:

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