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More info on PeopleTools 8.51 August 30, 2010

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

I put a post up a short while back on the RVP for PeopleTools 8.51, but this week an Advisor Session has been released where Jeff Robbins gives a little more info (although sadly no screen-shots).

Much of what is covered is similar to the RVP, with a few extras (or maybe I just didn’t notice first time around).

1) The Test Framework really is a big deal.

I semi-dismissed this last time as I suspected that it was the PS Unit Test tool with a rebrand, however it seems like it’s significantly more (which Bauke Gehem did in fact tell me in the comments to my post).  I’m looking forward to getting this up and running.

2) The Business Practice Change

It seems that software components that are part of the PeopleSoft stack that are not Oracle-owned might be finding life a little harder in future.  Tools 8.51 is the last release that Crystal, WebSphere and Business Objects will be packaged with.  Unless you are already a user of these tools, if you want to use them in future you’ll have to get a license directly from the vendor, not Oracle.



1. windracer - August 31, 2010

I wonder how long (past the June 1, 2011 “expiration” date for Crystal) it will take for the applications themselves to convert all of those layouts into XML Publisher format. Guess I’d better start brushing up on XMLP if we’re eventually going to be printing checks with it!

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