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PeopleSoft and iPhone/Smart Phones June 28, 2010

Posted by Duncan in PeopleSoft.

At the recent UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference Succeed Consultancy (who I work for) demonstrated an iPhone application that we’ve written to allow users to access PeopleSoft and walked through how we’ve put it together.  We’ve also recorded a quick video showing it in action (click the video to go through to youtube for higher resolution video):

The components we’re using in the iPhone app are requesting and approving of absences, but any PeopleSoft functionality could be exposed in the same manner.

We’ve also been working on the same app in other phone platforms (so users can also book/approve absence on Android, Blackberry or any smart phone that has a browser).  Here are some (pretty grainy, sorry!) pictures of it working on an HTC Desire and a lower resolution Samsung):

If anyone has any comments or great ideas on how we could improve this I’d be interested to hear.



1. joe - June 28, 2010

I’m curious as to why you went with the route of developing custom applications instead of relying on PIA and smart phone browsers

we’ve been looking into allowing mobile devices to access PeopleSoft. I’ve been trying to test if we can “get away with” relying on PIA and web browsers on the mobile devices. We’ve verified that Blackberry doesn’t work (but we have no plans to support BB in the future), but I have yet to come across any critical functionality that is lost using Safari on an iPhone or iPad (obviously events like mouse hover aren’t supported but they aren’t critical).

So far our testing is very preliminary, so I’m likely overlooking something important, but I’d like to hear your perspective.

2. Bala - June 29, 2010

Wow.. thats neat. I have always wondered if we could do this. I am not particularly that brainy. Would you be kind enough to share some details, point me in the right direction etc. or is it confidential ??

3. Tipster - June 30, 2010

@Joe – we developed a custom app to make the most of native useability improvements that such an app gives over a web-page. So the answer is very much about providing what we felt was a better solution.

@Bala – The iPhone apps were written in Objective C to Apple’s specification on style and design. The Web App was written in ASP.net. Both techniques access PeopleSoft via Web Services.

Bala - July 1, 2010

@Tipster Thanks. That would be good starting point.

4. Ariraj S - July 8, 2010

Thanks Tipster..!!!! Great starting point

5. Dan - July 15, 2010

@Tipster – can you provide more info on the web services? Are you using Integration Broker? xml, soap, json? Parts messages? Synchronous? How about security?

For Android, are you using a Service or connecting directly from the Activity?

Can you write my app for me? 😉

6. c - July 26, 2010

Thanks Tipster

7. pres - December 3, 2010

I am very impress your this post, this is too much interesting. Thanks a lot…

8. Prasad - July 8, 2011

This is really a great mobile interface . Hats off to you. I have a question for you .. Do you have any idea if Approval emails with interactive html content ( Approval forms) can be opened and Approved / denied in Blackberry ?

Tipster - July 10, 2011

Thanks Prasad.

I’m afraid we don’t do much work with Blackberry at the moment so I don’t know about the platform’s capabilities.

9. Azeem - December 14, 2011

Very good app..R u using IB with SOAP messages to get the data from PSFT ? Or anything else ?

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