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PeopleSoft and Google Wave November 25, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

So is anyone in the PeopleSoft community doing anything exciting with Google Wave?

Being a bit of a tech magpie I’m attracted by anything shiney and new, and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces.

I get that it’s great for using with family and friends, and for collaboration within a team at work.  Has anyone had any inspirations for utilising it to help within the PeopleSoft sphere?

PS. I have some invites left if anyone is still waiting to join.



1. Jim Marion - November 27, 2009

I am with you on this one Duncan. I have no use cases yet, but I am trying to come up with some. Of course, there is the notification use case that Grey Sparling uses with chat to notify users when reports finish, workflow, etc, but I would like to come up with something “enterprisy.”

2. Brent Martin - December 8, 2009

What do you think about using the new Related Content Framework to put Google Waves in-line with PeopleSoft transactions? That would HAVE to be way cool.

I did a customization a couple of years ago so that accounting could attach supporting documentation like spreadsheets and receipts to Journal entries. In PT 8.50 you can leverage the Related Content framework and the collaboration features of PS Portal to do the same thing and no customization is required. But I have a feeling Google Wave blows PS Portal’s collaboration features away.

BTW I would love an invite if you still have one! I’ve GOT to try this out in my own environment 🙂

3. Rahul - December 29, 2009


Nice posting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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