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A Progress Bar within the REN Window July 20, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

A while ago I showed how to output to the REN Window using PeopleCode while running processes through the Process Scheduler.  A post I’ve been meaning to write for a while was a practical use of this some colleagues and I made during a Data Migration.

Typically Data Migration programs can run for a while, and for this client (which had >100,000 employees to process) a fair bit of time was spent watching the screen wondering how long was left (or watching the row counts via SQL).  We soon got fed up of this and wrote this very quick progress bar for the REN Window:


This migration routine was just for the employee personal data, but we used a similar trick for the other migration processes also.

We could go and get a coffee, or catch up on some other work and with a quick glance every now and again we could see how long remained.

The ‘progress bar’ was created using an HTML table with a single row, lots of columns (I can’t remember how many, it may have been 100, whatever looks right on screen anyway) and no border or padding to the table cells.  Then change the background colour according to whether your cell is in the ‘done’ portion or the outstanding portion.


For this process the code was looping through a table inserting employees, so we updated the REN Window with every loop to move the figures on (although I believe a subsequent edit was required to update every 5th or 10th row as every row was unnecessary).



1. Jim Marion - July 27, 2009

Nice one Duncan!

2. Kyle Benson - September 7, 2009

I tried this one out and it works great, thanks for sharing. I created a nice little method that takes in current and total values and returns the HTML. Hoping to use this often.

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