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Applying homepage pagelets to others April 27, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

In a previous post I’ve spoken about the benefits of creating a custom Navigation Collection on your homepage.

(Note: this doesn’t need to be Enterprise Portal, this can be done in the HR/Financials/CRM/Student Admin application).

I also covered migrating your setup to other environments.  A step I neglected to mention is a common one, when colleagues enviously notice your productive new setup how do you easily apply it to their user profiles so they can benefit also?  Or perhaps you’re setting up a homepage to roll-out to the entire user community?

Here’s how you do it:

The first step is security.  If you’ve created your pagelets then you’ll also have provided some kind of security, either public or role based.  Assuming users have the permissions to use your pagelet then they’ll be able to add it to their homepage.

Secondly, you want to programmatically apply your setup to their profile.  The tables containing the setup are:

PSPRUHDEFN (Homepage Definition)

PSPRUHTAB (Homepage Tabs), and

PSPRUHTABPGLT (Homepage Pagelets)

The quickest way I’ve found is to write a query bringing back just the row(s) for the user you’ve setup, and then use the “export as insert statement” functionality in SQL Developer/TOAD to automatically generate the insert statements.  Then all you have to do is amend the oprids and you’re done.

Finally, you’ll probably need to clear the App Server cache.



1. Tipster - May 29, 2009

Instead of the above, if you want to apply the pagelet to ALL users, Dan Koepf has posted the solution in the comments to this post:

2. Brady Dunn - February 4, 2011

This info was very helpful. I just finished creating two pagelets based on nav collections to simplify navigation for less experienced users. Made them req/fix on col two of the home page style sheet. The new pagelets are viewable only to this select group based on permission list. Thank you for posting the info on migrating these objects.

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