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Looking back at how far we’ve come March 27, 2009

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

Today I had the need to check something on an old Tools 8.18 / HR v8.3 environment that hadn’t been booted for many a year, and it was quite an eye opener.

The environment was hosted within an old VM, last touched in 2003 and it was fun to mess around and battle to get it booted.

Those of us that have been around for a few years will remember the old Tools 8.1x user interface with the breadcrumbs, but one of the surprises for me was how fast it runs on a modern laptop.  I gave it 1.5GB Ram and it absolutely flew!

Old Peoplesoft

The entire VM (that’s Windows 2000, the install – Tuxedo, WebLogic, Ps Home, and the database – SQL Server) comes in at just under 4GB.

Another surprise was that the PeopleCode editor didn’t have Syntax Highlighting.  I can remember moaning about it at the time – how most other IDEs had it built in for years – but I’ve just got so used to having it I’d forgotten there was a time when it wasn’t there, and boy does it make PeopleCode difficult to read.

So it was a surprise on one hand, how far the product has come since 2003, but also a little sad as most of the progress came in the first half of the intervening years.



1. Joe in VA - March 28, 2009

That’s pretty cool.

I was looking at doing a VM install for an older version of Vantive and one for PS CRM. Unfortunately, I’m not all that sure about what’s needed from the VM ware side.

Any chance you can post some docs/tips/pointers on how you put that together? From what I’ve seen, VMWare is really making headway in production instances.

2. Tipster - March 28, 2009

To be perfectly honest (at least on Windows) there isn’t much to complicate VM Ware, but it’s a great solution for having multiple PeopleSoft environments at your fingertips.

VMWare Server and Player are free – although to be honest the Workstation version is preferable for this task.

Once you install VMWare, load your OS and then the rest of the PeopleSoft stack is not much different from an install on physical hardware.

3. Chris Heller - March 28, 2009

The PeopleCode syntax highlighting came in PeopleTools 8.44.

4. Roy - March 30, 2009

Frequent change has been one of the blessings of PeopleSoft. Standing pat could have happened at anytime. I remember when client/server was all the rage. C/S was what was selling but PeopleSoft recognized the internet as the new paradigm and invested in it. Kudos to PS for changing and surviving.

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