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Migrating Navigation Collections and Pagelets November 4, 2008

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools, PIA.

Following on from yesterday’s post on creating and publishing a Navigation Collection, now you’ve created one you’ll want to migrate it around between environments.  There are a few steps to this.

Migrate Navigation Collection with App Desginer

First, you need to identify which are the correct Navigation Collection Content References to add to your App Designer project.

Run the following SQL to get the PORTAL_OBJNAME of your Navigation Collection:

select * from PSPRSMDEFN
 where portal_name='EMPLOYEE'
   and portal_prntobjname='CO_NAVIGATION_COLLECTIONS';

Now we need to find the PORTAL_OBJNAMES of every link within your collection.  Run the same SQL, but replace the Parent Object with the name of your Navigation Collection (the PORTAL_OBJNAME from the first SQL).

This should give you a list, many of which will look like this:

Within App Designer add both your Navigation Collection and the links/folders within it:

(If there are too many too enter manually you could always insert directly into PSPROJECTITEM.)

You’ll also want to add your User Homepage (for each Oprid that is using it) so that the homepage layout gets copied between environments too.  This will save you from having to manually select the collection in every PIA.

Migrating the Pagelet

So now you’ve migrated the Navigation Collection, before you log in to check we also need to migrate the Pagelet.

Within the PIA navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Pagelet Wizard > Export/Import Pagelets.  This page helps you to create the Data Mover scripts you’ll need.


Select the checkbox next to your Pagelet, then press ‘Generate Scripts’.  These should be run in Data Mover to export and import your pagelet through your environments.

Once this is done you’ll need to bounce the Application Server, then you’ll be able to log into your target environment and check your migrated pagelet.



1. S.Buck - August 19, 2009

I followed these instructions and all folders, pagelet setup has moved between environments. However, I created a custom folder under the Root, Portal Objects, Pagelets structure. I moved this Folder structure as well. So everything looked like it moved, but doesn’t show up under Structure and Content. Clear Web cache perhaps?

2. Tim Palmer - May 14, 2010

Time-saving tip for inserting a Navigation Collection into a project: if you select ‘Include Children’, Application Designer will include the ‘ADMN_S12345689123456789’ objects automatically.

3. Ganesh - January 21, 2011

Thanks for the detail instructions…..worked as expected

4. Paco - February 3, 2011

Very usefull information. Thanks for posting it.

5. Madhavi - May 2, 2011

Thanks a lot for the info…
very useful

6. Brian Jackson - May 5, 2011

Works perfectly. I was able to save this into an App Designer project and easily migrate my pagelets whenever I add things to them. Thank you!

7. Michael Lazar at CSUN dot edu - March 27, 2012

You know, one caveat that we have found in migrating the homepage CREF is that sometimes (well, usually since we are always toying with our dev instances) pagelets exist in non-production that do not exist in production; test pagelets for example.

These pagelets get a record with the homepage CREF, but when migrated, the CREF will throw an error since some of the pagelets available on the tab content page do not have crefs in production.

Migrating homepage CREFs are probably best to add to the project once in your staging instance — where all the pagelets are identical.

8. Venkat - March 6, 2013

Thanks a lot. I was stuck at migrating the pagelets. This site solved the problem.

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