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StackOverflow – excellent new Q&A site October 1, 2008

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

Have you stumbled across Stack Overflow yet?  It’s a great new website that fills a gap for the perfect place to post programming questions.

It is free, unlike Experts Exchange.

It isn’t rammed with adverts and link-spam, unlike PeopleSoftFans.

And it is a lot easier on the eye, more Web 2.0 and faster than IT Toolbox.

The site designers (including Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame and Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror), are themselves well known and respected individuals in the art of programming and UI design, and it shows.  It has lots of nice features, but I like being able to vote up answers and comments, so the better responses rise up the page.

It has only just come out of closed beta so there isn’t much on there for a niche like PeopleSoft yet, but once the answers start getting indexed by Google I imagine it’ll become the first stop for programming issues.  If we can get enough people treating this as ‘the site’ for PeopleSoft Q&A then I think we’d all be winners.

If you ask a question, make sure you tag it with ‘PeopleSoft’ so it’s wasy to find.

A nice spot to Grant Johnson of Amadensor for asking the first question.



1. CompShack - October 11, 2008

I was hoping http://www.CompShack.com would be the next “PeopleSoft” community. I sure don’t have the resources and budget to lunch a site like the one mentioned above but surely willing to implement server and features upgrades when site traffic picks up.

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