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MonkeyGrease Plea July 16, 2008

Posted by Duncan in PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, PIA.

I’m going to be looking at MonkeyGrease over the next couple of weeks and wondered if anyone felt like sharing their experiences.

I’ll be setting it up in a VM and tinkering with it to see what it can do.  As a result I’d love to see screenshots, descriptions or – if you’re feeling particularly generous – some code if you’ve used MonkeyGrease in the past.  I’ll give full credit to anything used, and if you do send code I won’t use it on client site, purely for the purposes of demonstrating MonkeyGrease’s functionality.

I’m aware that others have blogged about this in the past, including Jim Marion, Rich Manalang and one of the Grey Sparling team, and there is a Google Group for it.  If there is anything else out there I’d love to know.  Once I’ve got all the info in I’ll post a consolidated write-up and include all the links.

For those new to MonkeyGrease, see here.



1. Jim Marion - July 19, 2008

Duncan, any news on getting mg to work? What web server are you using? Did you get the jar to load? Do you have a monkeygrease.xml file with rules?

2. PeopleSoft Tipster - August 4, 2008

I’m just trialling it on a Tools 8.49 VM at the moment, running WebLogic 9.2. Although it’s not on the supported web servers list on the MonkeyGrease website it seems to be running OK.

I’ve not coded any rules of my own yet, just your WhereAmI rule, and Chilli Joe’s Print button. I was going to have a shot at Rich Manalang’s Live Search next …

3. Rich - September 30, 2008

I created a MG rule that redirected the PIA’s Not Authorised PortalError page to a friendlier one with a custom signon page for a client that wanted to use a guest profile for some public content, as well having secure content that only named users could access. Never went further than a demo but it worked.

Email me if you want more details

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