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Intriguing Oracle WebCast July 1, 2008

Posted by Duncan in Fusion, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Strategy.

Oracle have made available a WebCast outlining their future direction for MiddleWare strategy, and announcing what’s in store for the BEA product line.

I must admit that I haven’t listened to the WebCast myself (to be honest I didn’t think there’d be much there that affects PeopleSoft in the short term) but after reading summary posts on a couple of other blogs it seems I was wrong.

The most surprising announcement for me was that going forward

“BEA WebLogic Server is now Oracle’s strategic JEE container and will be integrated into Fusion Middleware stack immediately; OC4J dev to continue though”

This was a bit of a shock as I expected Oracle App Server to be slowly pushed as the Web Server of choice. It’s a change of tack too as in many ‘prepare now to get a headstart for Fusion’ presentations I’ve got the impression that clients should be implementing what they perceive to be Fusion middleware components now, and I’d have had Oracle App Server down as one of those applications.

Antony Reynolds also says:

“But the surprising bit was the emphasis that Thomas Kurian made on Tuxedo. It seems as though the Tuxedo guys are being rehabilitated after years in the wilderness at BEA since the WebLogic acquisition. I was amazed at the increase in connectivity and functionality that has occurred in Tux since I last came into contact with it some ten years ago.”

I’ve tried to view the webcast to find out exactly what’s behind this but can’t seem to view it. I’ll post more if I can get it working …

EDIT: Mulling this over further, I think the decision to use WebLogic over Oracle’s own product is good news for the other acquisitions. If Oracle is willing to use a product that it deigns is superior instead of just using its own product ‘because it’s Oracle’ then that bodes well for any areas of functionality within PeopleSoft, Siebel etc that may be better than corresponding areas of eBusiness suite.



1. Chris Muir - July 2, 2008

Hi Richard

Another thing to keep in mind why Oracle maybe so keen on the Weblogic app server is the inclusion of the JRockit JVM, perceived to be one of the faster JVMs on the market. A faster JVM will give Fusion a boost out of the box I guess. Check out:




2. Chris Muir - July 2, 2008

And after posting that entry Duncan, I realised that I typed entirely the wrong name “Richard”. My apologies…. doing to much at 1 time I’m afraid.


3. Graham - July 7, 2008

BEA built their business on rock solid middleware (first Tuxedo then the Java based WebLogic). Oracle built their business on Database technology. Not always true…. but generally…. you do best what you do “best”. Would you buy an Aston Martin from your local sweet shop?

I don’t think this is any surprise. Oracle wants it’s customers to use Oracle middleware… their OAS is ok but maybe not the best…..so… they buy the best and make that their Oracle middleware.

For PeopleSoft customers this is even better news.

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