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A glimpse of the future and a glance at the past June 23, 2008

Posted by Duncan in PeopleTools.

I’ve been on holiday so the posts have slowed over the last fortnight.  I also don’t have any PeopleSoft tips to share, however I do have the following two observations:

Glipse of the future

I came across this amazing video in my feed reader (from Guy Kawasaki, I think).


And all acomplished without a small R2 unit to project it …

Glance at the past

Whilst using a local cashpoint (ATM machine) from one of the UK’s largest banks the other day it appeared to hang.  No amount of key pounding or patient waiting led to a returned card so I ventured inside.  A member of staff kindly came to help, rummaged in the back of the machine and it rebooted.  Being a tech I was of course interested to see what OS it was running, and was surprised.

Windows Embedded?  Nope.

A Linux variant?  Nope.

It was OS2!  I’m wasn’t sure how reassured I was that part of the infrastructure of my bank runs on IBM’s creaking software but after a bit of research it appears quite common.

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