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Fusion in 2009? December 12, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Fusion, Oracle, PeopleSoft.

According to the Oracle Apps User Group, we won’t see the first version of Fusion until 2009 (edit: the validity of this statement has been questioned, read the comments below for more). How many companies then purchase version 1 is another question, but it really is starting to seem as though Fusion is a long, long way off.


Not being n Oracle Apps person, I’m not sure what the absence of mod_plsql in Fusion means … with PL/SQL being Oracle only, could it be a pointer that Fusion is going to be database-independent after all?

Finally, is the reliance on Java and XML going to leave us with a product that’s a real drain on hardware? John Stouffer (co-chairman of the OAUG’s Fusion Council) recently warned of exponential database growth.

Interesting …



1. Floyd - December 12, 2007

Don’t think Fusion Apps are slipping into 2009. See http://orclville.blogspot.com/2007/12/dont-try-to-describe-ocean-if-youve.html

2. Sandeep - December 13, 2007

Dont worry. Fusion will be a success. The above is all ## profanity removed ##.

3. PeopleSoft Tipster - December 13, 2007

Thanks for stopping by Floyd, you make some excellent points too. It seems that you have the contacts to provide facts that the article author either didn’t have or didn’t research.

I do have one comment to add though. Jesper Andersen (Oracle’s SVP Apps Strategy for those that don’t know) said at the UK OUG that there would be some kind of beta for the Fusion suite in 2008, followed by a limited release (to maybe 50 customers), and only then General Availability. He chose his words carefully (and even admitted to being a bit of a politician to avoid giving too much away) so didn’t give any dates, but you can’t tell me you still believe the 3rd phase (GA) is going to be in 2008?

4. Graham - December 14, 2007

Oracle does not have a great track record for building *good” business applications. Database technology – yes….. Apps… No.

Perhaps the reason why so many people find it necessary to “discuss” what Fusion Apps is (and what it isn’t) is because the Vendor is not communicating effectively. I should not need to go to a journalists website to hear about my software or even to a user group site!

Why do we have to spend time analysing, interpreting and speculating on what our Vendor is or isn’t saying?

I was also at the UKOUG conference and heard Jesper. I too left with the impression that the full ERP suite GA is unlikely to be in 2008.


“It’s all character building…. and…. we’re nothing without character” (my Dad 1971)

5. davidhaimes - January 3, 2008


I’m not sure that your comment on Oracle’s track record in Apps can be justified. Exactly what data are you basing your assertion on ?

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