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Is all well with Fusion? November 14, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Fusion, Oracle, PeopleSoft.

There are rumours of hold-ups and delays within the Fusion camp.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the ‘Head of Fusion’ John Wookey left amidst talk of a fall-out with Larry Ellison.  Apparently “Oracle was trying to woo him back, though the circumstances around Wookey’s departure have not been confirmed.

Now it appears that there is some backtracking – or at least redefining phrases from earlier statements – to allow for delays in the release.  Seeing as we are only a couple of months away from the New Year, surely a release date a little more precise than between Jan 1st and Dec 31st 2008 should be possible?

It’s not as if we expect the full suite of Apps on that date.  I would anticipate something more akin to the PeopleSoft Version 9.0 release, where a smallish module (was it ELM?) came out first with much fanfare about ‘Oracle meeting schedules to release PeopleSoft v9.0’, and then the main modules (HR, Financials etc) drip-fed out months later.

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