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A Custom Message on the Signon Page November 5, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Oracle, PeopleSoft, PIA.

A quick and easy one today. I was asked by a colleague how to have a custom message appear on the signon page. Partly out of curiosity and partly inspired by these posts (1 and 2) I thought I’d have a look.

As the signon page is (obviously) presented before signin, it’s not going to be a ‘PeopleCode and database’ kind of solution, but I wanted something neater than just hacking the HTML each time. It turns out that it’s simpler than I feared.

Signon Message

First, you need to locate the folder on your web server containing signin.html. For me this was:

Open it up with notepad, and head for the bit that has the text ‘traceLink’ in it (it’ll be near the bottom). Add the extra line shown below:

<td><div align="center">
<P class="psloginerror"> <%=9000%> </P>
<p class="pslogintext"> <%=traceLink%> </p>
<p class="psloginerror"> <%=error%> </p>
<p class="psloginerror"> <%=ps.discovery.error%> </p>

The 9000 is just a substitution variable that is replaced when the PIA boots.

Next edit the text.properties file that can be found in the same directory. Anywhere you like, add the line:

9000=The custom message appears here!

Save both files and bounce the PIA. The signon page will now display your new message.

A couple of caveats:

1) You’ll have to make this change once for each PIA. So for each environment you want this in, and for each web server (if you do load balancing) you’ll have to make this change.
2) The logon screen changed with Tools 8.48. Although it looks different, I’m pretty sure the method to get the signin message would remain the same.



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This post has been superceded by part 2 for mixed browser sites or part 3 if you’re on an IE only site.

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