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XML Publisher and Out of Memory Errors October 30, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Oracle, PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, XML Publisher.

I’m getting a lot of comments on the XML Publisher posts about ‘Out of Memory’ errors. I’ve not experienced this myself so can’t give a fix or workaround, but wondered whether anyone else had hit this issue and found a resolution?

Doing a bit of digging there are a number of suggestions, none of them relate to the PeopleSoft implementation of XMLP however so I’m unconvinced by any solution in particular.

There’s a Tools patch out for this issue (8.48.06 and up contains the fix), so check your version of Tools:

There’s a suggestion to change a parameter for XMLP (I guess this would be on the Process Defn or more likely the Process Type in PeopleSoft):

There’s a suggestion to create a config file (it is not delivered) to specify a temporary directory for processing large files:

And there’s also a suggestion that a patch will fix it:

If I was troubleshooting it and was already on 8.48.06 or greater, I’d probably try the parameter followed by the config file.

If anyone has encountered this error and fixed it, it’d be great if you posted a comment to let us know the resolution.



1. lavanya - October 31, 2007

I have worked around with temporary folder setup idea but in vain the problem exists.I have seen these issues and I’m unconvienced with them and I don’t have pretty good idea of to deal further.

Thanks Davies for your time and effort put in.

2. Sunny - November 6, 2007

If i understand right the above error message “OUT OF MEMORY” is displayed when one is trying to run a sqr and it fails and at the bottom of the trace/log you see OUT OF MEMORY…if thats what we are talking about over here it is due to swap space. I will suggest having twice the size of swap space than real memory, that solves the OUT OF MEMORY issue.

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