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Fixing up PSAdmin and Services October 26, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Administration, PeopleTools, PS Admin.

I’ve just stumbled across what looks like a great new product by the Grey Sparling guys. Most (Windows) PeopleSoft DBAs and consultants who run VMs on their laptops will have been frustrated on many an occasion by the (kind of clunky) PSAdmin utility. Sure, it does what we need it to, but shouldn’t we have something better by now?

It sounds as though Oracle is at least aware of the problem as they’re integrating PeopleSoft with Oracle Enterprise Manager, which is great. However it requires a separate license and if you’re working on a client that doesn’t have a whole lot of other Oracle software it’s a big ask when PSAdmin will accomplish the same tasks anyway. You may even be able to run it for free if some of your stack runs on Linux – I can’t remember the exact details of the press release – but not all clients want to go that way, and if I just want a nice way of managing a VM on my laptop it’s overkill.

I did go part of the way down this route myself a few years back with something I called the PSAdmin GUI, it’s free and it’s available here. However once I had a front end for the ‘starting and stopping’ side of PSAdmin I stopped developing it. I didn’t think anywhere near as big as these guys have.

Once you’ve read the blog post, check out the flash demo:


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