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Why go for BEA? October 13, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Oracle, PeopleSoft.

It seems BEA has rejected Oracle’s approach, although that reaction didn’t save PeopleSoft from their clutches, and 13% of BEA is already owned by an Oracle friendly investor.  By the sound of things Oracle has been stalking BEA for years, but why?

Are they after Weblogic (the Web Server) or Tuxedo (the middleware), or the revenue base?  Does SAP use any BEA products?

I don’t know the Oracle world like I do the PeopleSoft one, but I thought Oracle usually trod the path of using open source technology with some in-house extensions for OC4J / Oracle App Server. What does Weblogic/Tuxedo offer that they don’t already have? I can understand going for PeopleSoft, Seibel etc for the strength of their HR and CRM products – amongst other things – but is this an admission that BEAs Middleware and Web Server products are superior to Oracles?

Grey Sparling also have a piece on it here.

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