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SAP to acquire Business Objects? October 9, 2007

Posted by Duncan in Oracle, PeopleSoft.

It seems that SAP is going to acquire Business Objects, the Business Intelligence software vendor.

I wonder what this’ll mean for PeopleSoft / Oracle.  Was this a response to Oracle buying Hyperion (used by many clients as a reporting solution for SAP)?

It’s also an interesting move as Business Objects owns Crystal Decisions (makers of Crystal Reports) which is of course used by some PeopleSoft clients as a reporting solution.



1. Chris Heller - October 10, 2007

It’s not much of a problem for PeopleSoft customers.

Here’s some analysis that Larry Grey (disclaimer: he’s a co-worker) wrote up based on what he got spend a lot of his 2004 dealing with.


Net is that a Business Objects acquisition was planned for by PeopleSoft quite some time ago.

2. Sanjay Lokapur - October 10, 2007

SAP and Peoplesoft have their own individual strengths. In my view the competetion between two rival firms should not become a hindrance for customer value addition. Rather such acquisitions should add value to what is being already delivered.

As Oracle is going to learn from Hyperion, SAP will also learn from Crystal reports.

Can we ever see a day of co-operative movement among ERP developers to create a dream ERP?

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