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Auto Login to PeopleSoft and App Designer July 4, 2007

Posted by Duncan in PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, PIA.

You can set up shortcuts to auto-logon to the PeopleSoft PIA and/or App Designer.

I’m still in two minds whether to add this post or not, but there are some circumstances where this can save you a bit of time and I’m sure you’ll know when and where that is – for example, on a single user VM, or in a DEMO environment, or even in a DEV environment if it’s a small team.  It’s no different to having single sign-on enabled for PIA logon anyway. It shouldn’t need stating that these shortcuts should never be used in any environments where security is important, and under no circumstances anywhere near a Production environment!

App Designer:

Create a new shortcut and adapt the following line for your environment:

<pshome>\bin\client\winx86\pside.exe -CT <dbtype> -CD <dbname> -CO <oprid> -CP <pwd>


D:\pshome\bin\client\winx86\pside.exe -CT ORACLE -CD HR9DMO -CO PS -CP PS

It may help to alter the properties of the shortcut to run it maximised window, just to save clicking each time …

PeopleSoft PIA

The following works for some tools versions and not others. I’m sure it has worked in Tools 8.4x, but it doesn’t seem to work on Tools 8.48. If you get this working, let me know your Tools version and we’ll see if we can work out when they put a stop to it, or if it  works for you in Tools8.48 what I’m doing wrong.
http://<web-server>/psp/<site>/?cmd=login &userid=<userid>&pwd=<pwd>&disconnect=y


http://hrdmo/psp/HR9DMO/?cmd=login &userid=PS&pwd=PS&disconnect=y

Remove line breaks from URLs when pasting.  I don’t know what the ‘disconnect=y’ does.



1. Chris Heller - July 10, 2007

Hi Duncan,

Being able to pass userid and pwd on the URL query was removed because it is a potential security hole (query strings go into proxy server logs, web server access logs, etc.). I forget when that got removed, but it won’t be in any recent PeopleTools 8.1x or 8.4x releases.

You can still pass userid and pwd as a custom headers on a request (which is how ExcelToCI works), but you can’t generate custom headers directly from within a browser.

The disconnect is for single shot requests where you don’t want the established session to keep living on the server. If you don’t pass this, then eventually the session will timeout, but passing the disconnect=y is a bit friendlier for the server.

Take a look at what Brent Martin over at ERP Associates has written up as well.


We have something similar that we use for testing.


It needs a good writeup on our weblog though.

2. PeopleSoft Tipster - July 10, 2007

Thanks Chris. I like the idea of using a bookmarklet … it’s an excellent workaround. It only seems to work with the homepage URL that ends ‘?cmd=login’ and not ‘signon.html’, but that isn’t a problem.

I haven’t given it a full test, but it seems as though you can replace the URL with ‘location.href’ which will take the current URL. That way, if your company has a standard links page with URLs for all the environments, you can just choose your link and then select the Bookmarklet to login (assuming your login and password is the same across multiple environments).

3. Chris Heller - July 11, 2007

The reason that it doesn’t work with the signon.html page is because all that page actually does is just re-direct you to the /psp/ps/?cmd=login page anyways.

It’s mainly intended for testing purposes though where you need to switch users a lot (workflow, etc.). You can actually generate multiple bookmarklets as long as they have different names (e.g. “Enter Voucher – APA1”, “Approve Voucher – APM1”)

I definitely wouldn’t recommend using this for production at all. It is the technical equivalent of using a post-it note to put your password on your monitor, which gets you fired in most organizations.

4. KetanKumar Kothari - July 13, 2007

It looks like this no longer works with 8.48.10. you have to click on bookarmarklet at least twice. Peoplesoft some how wants the ?cmd=login to execute twice for creating a successful connection. It could be a bug. Please share your results with peopletools release. For testing, always open a new browser window.

5. PeopleSoft Tipster - July 13, 2007

Works fine for me first time on Tools 8.48 … not sure what patch number I’m on as the system isn’t right in front of me … I think it’s 8.48.06.

6. scooter - June 17, 2008

I had to click GO on the browser to pass through the sign-on web screen, If you have a work around for this I really appreciate, I am at tools 8.48

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