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Moving the Search Box April 24, 2007

Posted by Duncan in PeopleSoft, PIA.

The other day I noticed a PeopleSoft environment with the Search box (the box that appears at the top of the left hand menu on the default home page) in the top right hand corner. It seems a far more logical place to have it

  1. it takes up no menu space
  2. it’s available in all components, not just from the home page

Default Position

Default Search Mox Position

Better Position

Improved Search Box Position

So the question is, how do you move it up there?


Turns out it’s really simple, delivered code and just a checkbox moves it.

Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > General Settings and half way down the panel there is a checkbox with the label ‘display search in header’. Check it, then log out and back in again to see your search box in the new position.



1. Jim J. Marion - July 2, 2007

Good find. If you want to get creative, you can actually move the search box to a different location in the header by modifying the PORTAL_UNI_HEADER HTML objects.

2. Ken Smith - July 13, 2007

Much cleaner look, but we’ve alwasy had trouble getting the box functionality to work during searched, any tips or sites to search.

Thank you,
Ken Smith

3. Ken Smith - July 13, 2007

Scratch message #2 – works great after builder index

4. Rat - January 13, 2008

This works fine for me, but the search button in the default position still remains. Even after checking ‘display search in header’, the search button in default position remains!! any tips to eliminate this??

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